National Revenue Authority

Street:19, Wellington Street City:Freetown
State/Province:Western AreaContact:Human Resource Manager


Our Mandate
We collect and account for all duties, taxes, revenues and penalties prescribed by the existing revenue laws of Sierra Leone.

Our Mission
We design and implement effective strategies and programmes to collect and account for all tax revenue at minimum cost, while facilitating trade, investment and the movement of people across the borders of Sierra Leone.
We have been able to achieve this through an efficient, transparent and taxpayer-friendly service delivery.


In our 5 years of progressive existence, Sierra Leone is gradually depending more on domestic revenue (from 65% dependency on foreign donors in 2000, to 40% today). We have been able to achieve this gradual growth by streamlining our processes and procedures, introducing the Goods and Services Tax and the Automated Systems for Customs Data (ASYCUDA ++).